7 Ways To Pass Your Driving School Test

The rush and the nerves push to the suspense to many aspirants. For many, the driving test is more than a lousy drink. Feared by the vast majority of aspiring drivers, the test is a kind of nightmare that anyone must face if they want to get the card. The nerves take over many students taking driving lessons in Arlington Heights, both in the theoretical and in the practical exercise, and can play a trick. From the choice of the driving school in Arlington Heights to the way to take the exam, we share the seven most useful tips to pass your driving test without dramas. It offers us some clues so that the exam does not become an ordeal and can be approved (hopefully!) the first time.  
  1. The School

Find a suitable driving course that provides quality guarantees. Although it seems obvious, it is vital to choose the best driving school in which you will receive the classes, both theoretical and practical. The driving school must have certain quality standards in its facilities, with trained and qualified teachers and up-to-date teaching materials.  
  1. Theoretical Classes

Demand yourself to receive a sufficient number of theoretical classes. Forget about that urban legend that says that the tests are enough to introduce you to the exam, without having to study the syllabus. The student must demand that they are given theoretical classes, that they tell him the way of things, that he understands the concepts well. We must be very clear about what they explain to us because that will depend on the safety of many people, “says the expert driving instructor at Arlington Heights.  
  1. Memory- No!

Do not memorize the tests one by one: it is a bad strategy. You have to go to class not only to test but to ask the teacher why it is legislated in one way or another, why it is dangerous to use a GPS, why should the safety distance be maintained. Memorizing a test does not have meaning because you do not have the basis to drive a vehicle and the regulations are not known. And remember that the objective of the tests is to rehearse exams, not to study and learn. It is a pedagogical tool that is used in the wrong way by the student.  
  1. Haste goes waste!

Do not hurry to learn the subject in a few days. Invest the necessary time to know that you master all the blocks in the book. Only when you have a global balance that you master everything, to a greater or lesser extent, is when you can consider going to the exam. Some students do that in 15 days and others who need three months that depends on each one. Do not fix a date!  
  1. Three Failures

Arrive ready for the exam and be aware that you can commit three faults. In the exam, you will face 30 questions. Here arises another false myth: that of the cheating questions. “That is not true. You are not going to catch anyone, and it is not the policy of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). If we have everything clear and we arrive at the examination with sufficient basis, we will approve it. If we fail 6, 7, 8, questions- that means we are not prepared.  
  1. Practical Classes

Take advantage of practical classes to learn how to drive. “That of ‘teach me the tricks and the traps of the exam to approve that to drive I will learn later’ is a sentence of increasing the probability of having an accident,” warns the highly skilled instructor of driving classes in Arlington Heights. If you drive safely, it is because you have learned the rules, you perceive the risks, you anticipate, you keep the right distance.  

When you generate security around you and meet the rules, you can now plan your practical exam. The concept of ‘I give four classes and stand for exam’ is a mistake. Going like that does not work. The driver should know how to handle the controls; it goes further: the student must know how to perceive the risks he has around him. On the day of the practical test, do not forget about memory and pay attention to the instructions you receive. Be prudent and do not rush. Sit well at the wheel. It seems a truism, but ergonomics is essential to face the test with guarantees. You have to be comfortable at the wheel, get there!

Driving For The First Time? Here’s What To Remember

By now you may have passed your driving test and looking forward to your newfound freedom. Before you get wrapped up in all that, there are a few things to go over before you venture out for the first time. Mirror mirror Your first reflex when you get into the driver’s seat should be to adjust all your mirrors in order to see the road clearly. Identify blind spots. While touching on the subject of blind spots be cautious to avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot too. No distractions for you You must be eager to have a night out on the town with your mates but steady on! Keep your buddies out of your car till you can deal well with distractions. No food while driving and the use of a cell phone is a big fat no! Our driving instructors go the extra mile to suggest our drivers should refrain from music for a few days too. Focusing on the road is your primary responsibility at this time. Not the time to be a night owl Driving during the day is the best advice one could give. Driving around at night makes you more vulnerable to accidents. High-beams from oncoming traffic tend to fluster new drivers as they don’t know how to respond to it or how to adapt their driving to this situation. Spend some time in getting to know your car All these years you have probably been familiar with the back seat or passenger seat of your car; it’s time to learn where everything is. Our driving school students sometimes are unaware of how to open the fuel tank and there is no shame in that. Learn everything—the hazard lights, its purpose; how to open the bonnet to check if the battery needs some attention; what do the different sounds mean in your car? In essence, keep in mind your instructor’s directions. Don’t be hasty and skip any steps. At the end of the day, any mistake can cause an accident. Driving is a liberating experience but never go overboard and challenge yourself. If you’re still on the lookout for some driving lessons in the Chicago-land area, we’re just a call away—(630) 372-5137.

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Taking A Driving Test? Use These Tips To Ace It!


Are you ready for your driving test? With planning, perseverance and preparation, anyone can pass their driving test at the first attempt.

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