Elk Grove Village, IL

Driving Lessons in Elk Grove Village, IL:

Teen & Adult Driving Program

Driving Programs For All Ages!

Sunrise Driving School provides the Elk Grove Village community both adult and teenage driving lessons you can count on to get you ready for the roads. If you’re a late learner for whatever reason, or it’s your first time behind the wheel, our certified instructors can help. With our Driver’s Ed courses for all ages, there’s never been a better time to call our Elk Grove Village location today.

Driving Lessons Without the Stress

As a new driver, age 15 to 17, it may be challenging to build your confidence when you head out on the Elk Grove Village road. However, we implement mind strengthening strategies paired with our co-op testing available to make you feel more comfortable on the road. We also offer Driver’s Ed for ages 18 to 20 as well. With so much that goes into confidently and adequately learning to drive, our 5 level teenage driving lessons help our students keep a solid pace without getting overwhelmed.

Learning to Drive as an Adult Has Never Been Easier

Learning to drive after years of not knowing how to is sure to be an exciting time for our students. With our driving lessons, the excitement continues with our friendly and personable instructors. It’s important to note that if you’ve completed the classroom portion elsewhere and simply need the driving course, we happily make the proper accommodations for your learning journey. We make the process easy on you, which is why we include pick up and drop off with our adult driving courses.


A Service Every Age Can Enjoy

Unlike other Elk Grove Village companies, we don’t target just one customer. With our realistic and understanding staff members, we recognize that there are many reasons why you haven’t learned to drive. Whether it has been your choice or not, it’s now a great time to learn. Sunrise Driving School understands that the nature of our driving students is unique and different. The way a new driver learns is different from older students. We customize our driving lessons so you can feel excited about the way you’re learning.


At Sunrise Driving School, we have the driving instructors who can teach you the skills you need to be a confident driver out on the road. Our training includes theoretical and practical driving lessons for students of all ages. We believe it is never too late for anyone in the northwest suburbs of Illinois to get behind the wheel. For driving instructors in Illinois’ northwest suburbs, you can count on Sunrise Driving School to show you how to drive safely and confidently!