Driving Basics: How To Keep Your Car Within The Speed Limit

If you’re learning how to drive, you must probably be aware of following the speed limit when behind the wheel.

Breaking a speed limit is not only dangerous, it can lead to hefty fine as well as legal complications.

That being said, as cars are getting faster, smoother and more powerful, it’s difficult to keep track of how fast you’re going on the road.

With the help of these tips, you can make sure that your car’s speed does not exceed the speed limit:


First off, keep your eye on the road. In most cases, distractions while driving can lead to speeding and accidents. Switch off your cell phone, turn down the music, and pay attention to the road. Keeping distractions away makes it makes to concentrate and check your speed.


You will need to check your car’s speedometer regularly. Whether you’re familiar with the road or not, check the car’s speedometer to ensure you don’t exceed the speed limit.

Posted signs

Look for speed limit signs on the road. These signs are typically placed at junctions as it’s the point at which the limit changes.

Make a habit of checking speed limit signs at junctions, along with checking the speedometer.


It’s important to figure out what makes you speed. Is it because you want to overtake other drivers? Generally speaking, most drivers end up speeding because they are running late. Try to leave early from your home so that you can drive safely and smoothly.

Keep in mind, a speed limit sign sets the maximum speed for a given road. It’s a maximum, not a target.

Most importantly, slow down when you’re driving around schools, homes, narrow roads or near parks and construction area. Similarly, it is a good idea to check the car’s speed on snowy or wet road and in poor bad conditions or low visibility.

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