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Professional Driving Classes — Yay or Nay?

When the time comes for an individual to learn to drive, they’re either advised to join a driving school or to learn using other resources like asking a friend or family member to teach them. While opting for the second method might seem more attractive for some people, professional driving classes have several advantages you can’t get by learning how to drive on your own or with the help of a loved one. If you’re confused about whether professional driving classes are a Yay or a Nay, let us make the decision easier for you!

This blog discusses some reasons why you need to join professional driving classes.

A person receiving a driving lessonPrioritizes the Driver’s Safety

Do you know that around 94-96% of vehicle accidents in the United States are caused by human error? Therefore, first-time drivers or people who have started driving after a gap need to ensure that they know road laws and safety techniques that keep them away from accidents on the road. According to a 2015 study, people who learn to drive from professional driving schools are 16% less likely to get in accidents.

These drivers are also 24% less likely to get severe injuries or lose their lives in vehicle accidents. People who learn to drive with the help of professional classes are also 75% less likely to get a ticket for violating a traffic rule. This happens because professional driving classes teach all driving regulations to their students, helping them avoid accidents or legal consequences. They are up to date or any state, local, or federal laws that can help you be a safer driver.

Fixes Driving Mistakes and Bad Habits

One of the biggest reasons you should opt for professional driving classes instead of learning to drive from a friend or family member is that the latter might not tell you to avoid any bad driving habits or mistakes.

On the other hand, professional instructors are constantly looking for any mistakes you’re making and correcting them on the spot. This allows you to fix any bad driving habits, like reversing without looking at the rearview mirrors or parking incorrectly.

A person in a professional driving class

What are You Waiting for? Join Professional Driving Classes Today

With the help of professional driving classes, you can be a safer, more responsible, and highly skilled driver. At Sunrise Driving School, our professional driving classes are available for people of all ages in the suburbs of Illinois. Our driving school instructors follow a five-step curriculum, helping you learn how to drive in a comfortable environment.

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