Driving For The First Time? Here’s What To Remember

By now you may have passed your driving test and looking forward to your newfound freedom. Before you get wrapped up in all that, there are a few things to go over before you venture out for the first time.

Mirror mirror

Your first reflex when you get into the driver’s seat should be to adjust all your mirrors in order to see the road clearly.

Identify blind spots. While touching on the subject of blind spots be cautious to avoid driving in another driver’s blind spot too.

No distractions for you

You must be eager to have a night out on the town with your mates but steady on! Keep your buddies out of your car till you can deal well with distractions. No food while driving and the use of a cell phone is a big fat no!

Our driving instructors go the extra mile to suggest our drivers should refrain from music for a few days too. Focusing on the road is your primary responsibility at this time.

Not the time to be a night owl

Driving during the day is the best advice one could give. Driving around at night makes you more vulnerable to accidents. High-beams from oncoming traffic tend to fluster new drivers as they don’t know how to respond to it or how to adapt their driving to this situation.

Spend some time in getting to know your car

All these years you have probably been familiar with the back seat or passenger seat of your car; it’s time to learn where everything is.

Our driving school students sometimes are unaware of how to open the fuel tank and there is no shame in that. Learn everything—the hazard lights, its purpose; how to open the bonnet to check if the battery needs some attention; what do the different sounds mean in your car?

In essence, keep in mind your instructor’s directions. Don’t be hasty and skip any steps. At the end of the day, any mistake can cause an accident. Driving is a liberating experience but never go overboard and challenge yourself.

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