M.O.R.E Ministries

M.O.R.E. Ministries

2nd Corinthians 5:18,19

Itinerant / Interim Minister 

Harry A. Shill (847)845-7072 email: moregospel@att.net

Ordained through the Christian Church and licensed Chaplain.


My teaching approach is expository and intended for church edification and growth. Too many church fellowships are weakened and perishing from lack of knowledge. Therefore, it has been my conviction to teach the whole council of God’s word in accordance with the will and guidance of the Spirit of God. When the Lord asked His disciple Peter “Do you love me Peter“? He followed it by saying: “then feed my flock”. It has been several years since I heard the inner voice of God speak to my spirit instructing me to teach His word. It is now my hope to do so with obedience and humility.

Worship Leading 

I have been blessed for several years to lead worship in diverse settings. It warms my heart to feel the Spirit moving me to sing and praise God along with playing the guitar which I have enjoyed doing since my teens. Along with a selection of great hymns and contemporary music, I believe God has put it on my heart to write songs which praise him and help lead others to worship Him in spirit

Funeral / Memorial Chaplain

Perhaps there is nothing more difficult in life than the loss of a friend or family member. The closer that person was it seems the more part of us they take with them. The reality sets in that those we thought would be around in our life are no longer a part of it causes us despair and emotional stress. To reflect on those things we shared with them that made our lives better and more enjoyable should be a benefit to focus on more than the loss. I offer my services in this time of need to help make this transition as smooth as possible. I pray that God puts it in my heart and mind to say what’s needed to help bring His peace to comfort those as I have been comforted.

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