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Once you have 30 hours of classroom experience, you’re ready for the driving portion of Sunrise Driving School’s Driver’s Ed for teens program. Our instructors are all highly experienced and trained in the latest methods techniques, assuring you’ll get your driving career off on the right track.

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Note: There is a large number of new students leading to some scheduling delays. If we are able to accommodate your student, please be flexible working with us... Students may have to meet up at specified location for lessons. Saturdays are an option but very limited.

This program is for 15 to 17 year old students who took the classroom portion of 30 hours with another school. This is 8 hours of one on one instruction for filling the requirement so that student can take the state road test – $450 + 4% surcharge for gas will be added

To sign up, please fill out the form below. You should be contacted by the next business day. Please make sure to verify your submission by phone at: (630)372-5137 or Text: (847)845-7072

Note: Our summer hours for driving Monday through Friday change to morning, afternoon, and early evening hours . Please indicate what days and time slots you are available for those under additional comments or questions

Teen Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction Only

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Cancelation and refund Policy

** Note: In order to fulfill our commitment with all of our students, and continue functioning as a business, students need to commit to any package they sign up for. Therefore, we will not be able to refund any money paid as long as we are able to fulfill our instructional obligation. Exceptions to this would consist of any irreconcilable conflicts between students or Guardians and Sunrise staff. Unless any unforeseen situation arises, we will commit to one lesson per week given the student is practicing what was taught and are available during the days and times they submitted on our sign up form. Unless agreed upon before lessons begin, Sunrise will not be obligated to any programs paid for beyond 3 months from the first lesson taken. If there's a need to cancel your lesson, we must know the night before by 10pm. If students cancel for any reason other than illness on the day of the lesson, we require a cancelation fee of $25. If you were scheduled on the same day of the lesson, we allow 1 hour to cancel or a cancellation fee will be needed. In order to cancel please call or text us right 847-845-7072

We will try to schedule you for your first lesson up to 3 times, if none of the days and times we offer you which students put on the signup form, we will have to take that student off the scheduling list.

If at anytime throughout your lessons your availability changes, you must let us know asap and submit a new sign up form with your updated availability.

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At Sunrise Driving School, we have the driving instructors who can teach you the skills you need to be a confident driver out on the road. Our training includes theoretical and practical driving lessons for students of all ages. We believe it is never too late for anyone in the northwest suburbs of Illinois to get behind the wheel. For driving instructors in Illinois’ northwest suburbs, you can count on Sunrise Driving School to show you how to drive safely and confidently!