Getting Past Driving Anxiety

Do you find yourself excessively sweating as you approach your vehicle to leave home for the day? Your first job after college isn’t all that stress inducing. What you’re going through is something very common with new drivers and it’s known as driving anxiety.

With a few simple steps, with our help, you can overcome this and focus on the more important worldly matters.

Acknowledge your fears

Often, driving anxiety is a result of you not knowing what to expect. You think of the worst. You dwell on the minor issues.

You know that darned blind spot in your rear-view mirror while making a sharp right turn; you anticipate the cars ahead of you to stop for no reason. Listen to your fears. Being vigilant will always be your friend.

Make someone else drive

Before going down a route you haven’t travelled before, visit it with someone else or even in a cab if needed. You need to be familiar with your surroundings. That will ease your anxiety.

Create a calming environment within your car

It’s time to invest in a lavender or vanilla scented air freshener, something to help those nerves. The “new car fragrance” you’ve been purchasing is only acting as a catalyst to your anxiety and fueling your adrenalin.

Deep breaths

Initially, when your start driving around on your own, make sure your get ready for the day early enough so that you can give yourself time to recollect.

Take five to ten deep breaths. This instantly helps decrease your heart rate and you’d be able to reach your workplace without looking like a mess.

Don’t drive on an empty stomach

The correlation may seem odd, but this requirement is only till the time you don’t get used to driving. While experiencing driving anxiety, you tend to sweat profusely and that could lead to a drop in your sugar levels, making you susceptible to fainting. So always grab a small snack while heading out the door.

Reduce caffeine till you get a hang of it

You must be familiar with the shakes you get with that extra cappuccino on a particularly difficult day. Lay off on your coffee intake for a few days till you learn how to cope with the whole driving situation.

Above all is clear direction. Join classes and clear out every misconception or grey area you are facing with driving. Need help finding an instructor near you?

Call us today at (630) 372-5137. We offer safe, reliable and affordable driving lessons in the Chicago-land area.