Driving Lessons in Arlington Heights, IL: Teen & Adult Driving Courses, Class Scheduling & Co-op Testing Available

Sunrise Driving School is committed to creating safe and responsible drivers in the Arlington Heights area through intensive driving lessons. We offer a wide range of driver's ed courses for both teens and adult drivers. Even more, we provide custom learning packages that cater to all types of drivers, from students who have already had some classroom instruction to students with zero experience. Our end goal is to create knowledgeable and self-reliant drivers in Arlington Heights.


Gain Confidence Behind the Wheel

Getting confidence behind the wheel means driving lessons from professional Driver's Ed instructors. No matter your age, you should feel safe and secure while being on the road. From highways to rush hour traffic, to parking and maneuvering, we put you through driving scenarios that eventually leave you self-reliant on the road in Arlington Heights. Not to mention our co-op testing will help you get hands on training to move your vehicle with ease.

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Teenage Driving Lessons in Arlington Heights

No teen in Arlington Heights should get behind the wheel without completing teenage driving lessons. At Sunrise Driving School, our comprehensive Driver's Ed program teaches students everything they need to be a better driver. From understanding your vehicle to learning advanced driving maneuvers practiced during co-op testing, we only graduate drivers who are a benefit to the Arlington Heights roadways.


Let's Get You On The Road and Driving!

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Arlington Heights' Premier Adult Driving Courses

Just because you're an adult, that doesn't mean you can get behind the wheel of a car without the proper coursework and training. Without adult driving courses, you will be at a disadvantage, and worse case, a danger to others, out on the road. If you've put off getting a license into adulthood, our adult driving lessons will ensure you become a safe and self-reliant driver in Arlington Heights.

Become Confident Behind the Wheel of Your Vehicle

At Sunrise Driving School, we have the driving instructors who can teach you the skills you need to be a confident driver out on the road. Our training includes theoretical and practical driving lessons for students of all ages. We believe it is never too late for anyone in the northwest suburbs of Illinois to get behind the wheel. For driving instructors in Illinois’ northwest suburbs, you can count on Sunrise Driving School to show you how to drive safely and confidently!

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