A person texting while driving

3 Rookie Driver Mistakes That a Driving School Can Help You Correct

According to a report by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), human errors are responsible for around 94%-96% of vehicle accidents in the United States. First-time drivers, people driving after a long time, and even everyday car drivers can make mistakes that lead to accidents resulting in severe consequences like car damage, injuries, property damage, or loss of lives. Therefore, people in the initial phases of learning to drive need to fix these rookie mistakes to stay safe on the roads.

This blog discusses some rookie driver mistakes that you can fix by joining a driving school.

A person texting while driving

Crossing the Speed Limit

Getting behind the steering wheel for the first time can be a thrilling experience. So it isn’t surprising that a large number of rookie drivers try to make the experience more thrilling by overspeeding. Even if beginner drivers don’t over speed intentionally, they often misjudge their vehicle speed and only find out that they’re overspeeding after getting pulled over. A driving school helps new drivers learn to control their cars better and develop a good sense of judgment to prevent overspeeding.

Not Paying Attention

As a new driver, it can be challenging to constantly pay attention to your surroundings. However, you must remember that it’s essential to stay attentive to prevent accidents. You need to concentrate on your surroundings and prevent any activities that might distract you, like eating, using your phone, or applying makeup while driving. Professional driving classes help you build better concentration and self-confidence.

Breaking Traffic Rules

Rookie drivers often display impulsive behavior, which results in them breaking traffic rules as soon as they get behind the steering wheel. Driving school ensures that rookie drivers learn all the traffic rules and regulations before they start to drive. They also help new drivers avoid any traffic violations.

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Join a Driving School to Fix Your Rookie Driver Mistakes

With the help of lessons from driving school instructors, you can fix these rookie driver mistakes and make roads safer for yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians. At Sunrise Driving School, we have a team of experienced and professional driving school instructors that provide personalized training. These instructors analyze your existing driving skills, fix rookie driver mistakes, and ensure that you become a better driver.

Get in touch with our driving school and fix your rookie driver mistakes at the right time!